June 20, 2018 / 1:20 AM

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Force MDs Member Trisco Dies of Stage 4 Cancer, New Haven Sends Condolences



Old school R&B/Hip Hop lovers everywhere who are mourning the death of Force M.D.'s member, Trisco Pearson, who recently loss his battle with stage 4 cancer. New Haven residents along with fans, music artists and family members send their condolences to the remaining group members with an outpouring of love.

"Khalil" Lundy, "Stevie Dee" Lundy and Jesse Daniels, known collectively as the Force M.D.'s, have lost another group member, brother in music and friend, as announced on their Facebook page.

Pearson reportedly died on Friday Sept. 16, after battling stage 4 cancer according to Ambrosia For Heads.

His death marks the fifth passing of former group members since they were formed during the early '80s.

Shawn Waters, another deceased member, joined the Lundys during the time when they were officially known as the L.D.s according Old School Hip Hop Official

He replaced Charles "Mercury" Nelson when he left the group. Nelson later died of a heart attack in 1995.

Original member, Antoine "TCD" Lundy also died in 1998, two years after the death of DJ Dr. Rock, who died of natural causes.

Since hearing of Pearson's passing, Khalil; Stevie Dee and Daniels have received many condolences on Twitter and Facebook.

"Freak Like Me" artist, Adina Howard expressed her condolences, along with music editor and journalist Rob Markman.

Phillip Bynum, a New Haven, CT event planner and promoter also sent his condolences to the group members, who did a radio interview and live performance for the "Cool Breeze Music In The Parks" series in July.

Pearson displayed his sense of humor during his on-air interview with a Greater New Haven FM radio station.

"Well hello young ladies, my name is Trisco, I'm the Scorpio out of the group," Pearson identified during his interview with New Haven's WYBC.

He concluded the interview with a hilarious shout out to his niece, a New Haven resident, who he promised to buy ice cream.

"I want to give my shout out, I have a niece that lives out here....," Pearson revealed according to the radio interview. "Make sure you come to the park, bring the babies and come early, I'ma buy them some ice cream. ...I got my food stamp card," he said jokingly causing an eruption of laughter.

Pearson's battle with cancer began to worsen during the past few months causing the "Love Is A House" singers to organize a fundraising concert to assist with his medical expenses. The show was scheduled for an October date but unfortunately he succumbed to his battle before that time.

R.I.P. Trisco Pearson.

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