Korn's singer, Jonathan Davis, already recovered from COVID-19. However, the effects still linger in his body, making him struggle even more.

Weeks after Davis first tested positive for COVID-19, he returned to the stage with the band on Friday at their Tinley Park performance. Although the singer already took his time isolating and recovering from the dreaded virus, the concertgoers saw the lingering effects of the disease that he still suffers from.

As seen on the viral videos online, the singer took breaks to consume pure oxygen between each performance. He also noticeably stayed seated on a huge throne on stage throughout their number.

Meanwhile, guitarist Brian Welch confirmed that the singer is still struggling with the virus' after-effects, explaining why Davis struggled in their recent performance.

According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, most people with COVID-19 recover within weeks after contracting the disease. Still, they are expected to experience post-COVID effects, including difficulty breathing, stomach pain, headache, palpitations, muscle pain, diarrhea, fever, and sleep problems, among others.

Meanwhile, Davis himself told the crowd that he felt frail.

"I'm f****** feeling very weak but I f****** refuse to f****** cancel!!!" he exclaimed.

Jonathan Davis' COVID-19 Battle

Davis' reappearance came weeks after he contracted COVID-19.

Weeks ago, Korn announced the cancelation of their tours due to someone "within the Korn camp" testing positive.

"On Saturday, we received the unfortunate news that Jonathan tested positive for Covid, and needless to say, we had to postpone the show last minute," the band. "As a result of his positive test, we also need to reschedule the next handful of shows."

As a result of the positive test, Korn decided to cancel their tours in more venues, including the concerts at the Darien Center and St. Joseph's Health Amphitheater at Lakeview in Syracuse, New York.

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At that time, the band assured that Davis was still in high spirits as he took the rest and recovery he needed.

One week after, Korn said that the singer is already on the mend as they prepared to come back to Chicago.

Since his absence, Ra Diaz of Suicidal Tendencies had been working on bass while Reginald Arvizu took a break due to some "bad habits."

After his recent performance, their fans sent him positive messages, continuously praying for his fast recovery after contracting the disease.

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