Freddie Mercury, apart from his voice, became renowned for his notable front teeth.

Decades after Mercury posed for pictures with his cats in his garden, the said photographs emerged again and showed a smiling singer in his last days.

On August 28, 1991, Mercury dressed up to have pictures of him and surprise his boyfriend months before his death. While the story sounds tragic enough, a new report recalled how his smile - because of his teeth - almost caused him not to be part of the popular band.

A new article published by The Blast noted that Queen's lead guitarist, Brian May, almost rejected him for his teeth. According to the report, the band reportedly thought his smile would affect their image.

The late star eventually gained the band's approval, although the feature continued to affect him emotionally. He often covered them with his upper teeth, while some fans noticed how he used his microphone over his mouth to prevent them from showing.

Mercury even suffered from bullying because of it. However, he still refused to fix them as he believed it played a huge role in his career.

Why Freddie Mercury Did Not Visit Dentist

Queen's fans knew how protruded Mercury's teeth were that they made his smile more noteworthy.

Mercury had a rare condition of mesiodens. This caused him to have supernumerary teeth or class II malocclusion, where his front teeth were larger enough to protrude too much.

Although it became subject to bullying, Mercury said that his teeth and overbite helped him to add more range to his vocals.

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For what it's worth, he had a four-octave range that he could freely switch from a growl to an operatic melody. The singer also said that the additional teeth extension gave him more range.

At that time, he could have gotten cosmetic surgery to improve his image in the industry. However, the Queen's frontman chose to use his rare condition to give him the talent he had.

In addition, the band's documentary revealed that the late singer suffered from a dentist phobia. It noted that they had to cancel their appearance on "Tonight With Bill Grundy" just because he had a toothache.

No matter what image he left after his death, Mercury reportedly did not care how people would remember him.

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