July 16, 2018 / 6:25 PM

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The Operatic Note: Birgit Nilsson Depicted on Riksbank Sweden's 500 Kronor Banknote Performing Wagner's 'Die Walküre'

The late great Wagnerian soprano, Birgit Nilsson, has been able to hit all the right notes. And now, Sweden's central bank, Sverigis Riksbank, has unveiled the finished artwork for its new series of banknotes. Nilsson will be worth 500 kronor from ...

Frozen Warnings: Swedish Ice Orchestra of Luleå Chillingly Performs on Tim Linhart's Instruments [PHOTOS]

Tim Linhart of Luleå, Sweden creates violins, celli, guitars and marimbas out of ice each year for his Ice Music concerts.

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