Cerrone Shares Track-By-Track Breakdown of New Album 'Red Lips': Exclusive

By Ryan Middleton | Nov 07, 2016 11:40 AM EST

French drummer, producer and composer Cerrone released his new album Red Lips on Oct. 28. There were few artists who had a winning streak like he did in the 1970s and 80s producing and putting out records that blended disco and electronic elements. His LP Supernature sold 8 million copies worldwide and became a pivitoal soundtrack to the era.

Red Lips brings Cerrone back to his glory days, but with a modern twist with the help of some impressive vocal talent like Aloe Blacc and Kiesza. Cerrone has given us a track-by-track breakdown of the album, explaining the meaning behind some tunes and giving you an introduction to some of the elements heard on others. Listen to the album below and pick up a copy here. Read on for the track-by-track breakdown.

1. "Therapy" feat. James Hart

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The first song of this new album is a sturdy funk track filled out with bouncing horns... and Cerronesque violins! It's a wild and warm four-on-the-floor shuffle, supported by a gliding Earth, Wind & Fire bass line. Beware of side stitches!

2. "Move Me" feat. Brendan Reilly

One of the greatest architects of disco music is back with an uplifting new single. Fueled by the airy and funky voice of Brendan Reilly (already heard with the Disclosure brothers). "Move Me" is an ode to dance music, the one that propels you on the dance floor. While dance music has become more and more disconnected from dancing, the Supernature creator orders your body to take control.

The bass is slapping, the brass is massive and the beat, the sex of the Cerrone's music, is overwhelming. So let's dance like in the good old times of James Brown and Michael Jackson just like it says in the lyrics of this compelling song that calls to mind (and body) Basement Jaxx, Earth Wind & Fire or "Don't Treat Me This Way" by Thelma Houston or The Communards (damn, this chorus...).

3. Illuminate Me feat. Sam Gray

This guitar, so Chic, so recognizable -- under the melody, of course it's Nile Rodgers! The other king of disco brings his magic touch on this funky tune! Heavy bass, Princey synths and the soulful voice of British singer Sam Gray are doing the trick!

4. Ain't No Party (like Monday Night) feat. Kiesza

Cerrone has a devilish plan: bring those Monday night parties back! The Canadian singer and songwriter Kiesza already shined with Diplo & Skrillex on "Take Ü There". Here, she's the mistress of ceremony with lyrics full of references from Kanye to Beyoncé!

5. "Take Over" feat. Brendan Reilly

There would be a lot to say about those vibrant strings and horns, this amazing a capella final. But nothing, especially not our words, should come between Brendan Reilly's voice and this typical Cerrone groove. He sings "The music's gonna save me tonight" which could be the album's motto.

6. "C'est Bon" feat. Aloe Blacc

What a surprising collaboration between the creator of "I Need A Dollar" and the king of disco himself. But since his hit single with Swedish DJ Avicii, we know Aloe Blacc doesn't like borders. So when he met Cerrone during a benefit concert in Beirut, he suggested they wrote a song together. The result? A wake up call to fraternity.

7. "Red Lips" feat. Wallace Turrell

The title track of this new album is a breakup song. A massive synth bass, a hint of the Eurythmics' "Sex Crime," a pinch of Duran Duran and the love potion is ready! It only needs a (red) kiss for a broken heart!

8. "Kiss it Better" feat. Yasmin

With her sugary sweet voice, British singer Yasmin already made a name for herself, as a solo artist or with French electro duet Breakbot. With a catchy chorus that reminds us "I Wanna Be Your Lover" by Prince, Yasmin sings, "I'll be your everything." But promises only bind those who believe in them...

9. "You Only Live Once" feat. Mike City

YOLO, the daredevil motto of millennial has become a bit of joke. But for the man whose life changed in 1994 when he met the Dalai Lama, it may have a deeper meaning, but once again with a killer groove!

10. "Steal Your Love" feat. Alexis Taylor

With a heavy bass line, violins and horns dancing together and a groove that reminds us of his 1977 hit single "Give Me Love," this is probably the ultimate Cerrone song of this new record. It's also a surprising collaboration with Hot Chip leader Alexis Taylor whose touching and tuneful voice shines against the funky beats.

11. "Jane" feat. Dax Riders

This is what happens when you invite a naughty band like Dax Riders to play on one of your song. Once again, the French touch threesome shows their love for the talk box filter, a special effect already used by Peter Frampton, Tupac or those two robots that never take their helmets off...

12. "I Want" feat. Chelcee Grimes & Mike City

A catchy pop song disguised as a funky love parade for two voices promising each other real love.

13. "Time Machine" feat. Sam Gray

Handclaps, a frantic guitar riff, a slap bass... This perfectly titled "Time Machine" will make you party like it's '85!

14. "2nd Chance" feat. Tony Allen

Cerrone remembers his first love for African music, when he used to be the drummer of Kongas, his first band. For this 2nd Chance, the Maestro welcomes a special guest: Tony Allen the 75 year-old drummer of Fela Kuti. The legend of the Afrobeat never stopped experimenting with Damon Albarn or Sebastien Tellier. The two drummers join forces to perform an epic instrumental fueled by African choruses and a wah wah guitar deeply influenced by Isaac Hayes' "Theme From Shaft".

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