‘Gremlins 3’ Script Returns to Its Dark and Twisted Roots Says Series Screenwriter

By Staff Reporter | Aug 17, 2017 02:45 PM EDT

After nearly three decades, the script for the planned "Gremlins 3" has just been completed. Created by Chris Columbus, who is responsible for the script of the first "Gremlins" movie, he wants the third installment to go back to the dark theme that "Gremlins" was known for.

In an interview with /Film for his movie "Patti Cake$," Columbus mentioned that the "Gremlins 3" intends to answer a question that fans of the series may be asking. If the mogwai Gizmo is the source of the monstrous "Gremlins," would killing Gizmo solve the problem? According to the scriptwriter, human negligence, not the mogwai himself, that is responsible for the creation of the titular monsters.

As for the dark tone that the script for "Gremlins 3" has, Columbus is proud of the direction it took. This could be a response to the cold reception of 1990's "Gremlins 2," which was less dark and more comedic and cartoony than the first one. The dark and macabre tone of the first "Gremlins" movie, along with "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom," was reportedly the reason behind the creation of the PG-13 movie rating by the Motion Picture Association of America.

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Another point that Columbus discussed was the possible use of CGI for "Gremlins 3." Despite the fear of most fans that "Gremlins 3" will be a typical CGI-heavy movie, Columbus assured that while CGI will be used. As reported by Screen Rant, the CGI for the movie will be down to a minimum and would be only used to enhance the visuals and remove the wires for the practical effects.

The first "Gremlins" movie was released in 1984. Directed by Joel Dante, the movie centers on a teenager and the mogwai Gizmo he receives, voiced by Howie Mendel, as well as the beings that come out of him when he feeds after midnight.

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