June 25, 2018 / 2:41 AM

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‘Arrow’ Villain Richard Dragon Debuts in Season 6; Kirk Acevedo Tapped for Role



Richard Dragon is set to have his "Arrowverse" premiere in season 6 of The CW's "Arrow." After being teased by executive producer Marc Guggenheim, Dragon will be fleshed out by actor Kirk Acevedo, and would be the main antagonist for the titular "Arrow".

Also known by Ricardo Diaz, the ex-con will focus on turning Star City's criminal underworld under his palm, according to Deadline. With a mastery of unarmed combat and an undefeated streak, Richard Dragon will prove to be more of a match to Arrow and his team. Additionally, Dragon could be just one of multiple baddies that Oliver Quinn, played by Stephen Arnell, will face on the upcoming season of "Arrow."

Known as one of the top martial artists of the DC universe, the "Arrow" version of Richard Dragon will be roughly based on the "New 52" iteration of the character, Screen Rant reports. Originally introduced as a heroic character and mentor to several DC heroes like The Question, Huntress, and even Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne himself, the "New 52" version is recreated as a leader of a team that is after Green Arrow's head, called the Longbow Hunters.

"Arrow" Season 6 is set to pick up where season 5 left off, which saw the explosion of Lian Yu Island and the season's baddie Prometheus dead and a cliffhanger ending. Aside from Arnell, Katie Cassidy and David Nykl, is set to reprise their roles as Black Siren and Anatoli Knyazev in season 6 respectively.

Based on the comic book hero Oliver Quinn, also known as Green Arrow, "Arrow" started the new wave of live-action superhero television series for DC. Since its initial run in October 2012, the positive reception for the series resulted into several spinoff titles like "The Flash," "Supergirl," and "Legends of Tommorow," collectively called "Arrowverse" by fans and critics.

Season 6 of "Arrow" is set to premiere on October 21 on the CW.


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