'Will & Grace' Spoilers: Grace & Karen Frantically Tries to Escape Being Trapped In Shower

By Tania Gutierrez | Oct 04, 2017 08:15 AM EDT

In the next episode of "Will & Grace” titled “Who’s Your Daddy,” Grace (Debra Messing) will get trapped inside a flooded shower with Karen (Megan Mullaly). They will be having an argument about how Karen does not need to be paid much since she doesn’t work much anyway.

Grace is the owner and interior designer of the studio in Manhattan where Karen works as the secretary. The latter claims that she is a big help to Grace by introducing her to potential clients according to Spoiler TV. However, Grace does not think of this as a big deal and tells Karen that she doesn’t need her anymore.

Unfortunately, Karen will accidentally lock them inside the shower and activated the water to come out through the shower’s voice command feature. The promo pictures for the upcoming “Will & Grace” episode shows the two to be swimming in panic inside the shower. How they will get out from being trapped in the shower should be interesting. Will they also be able to get past their argument?

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In the previous “Will & Grace” episode which also happens to be the season premiere, Grace also got into an argument with her roommate, Will (Eric McCormack). She called him a hypocrite for having a crush on a politician who went against his political beliefs reports Vulture. Congressman Steve Sandoval (Eddie Matos) wanted to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, which Will was strongly against.

Their argument reached a point that Grace even threatened to move out of their apartment. In the end, however, they were able to put aside their differences on the issue. They agreed that nothing, including politics, should come in between their friendship.

Will the same be true for Grace and Karen? Find out in the next episode of “Will & Grace” Season 9 on October 5 on NBC.

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