Lindi Ortega Drops 'Comeback Kid' Video From Her New 'Liberty' Album

By Diana Samson | Feb 09, 2018 06:31 AM EST

Yes, country fans. Lindi Ortega is back with a new album, and the lead single "The Comeback Kid" has been released on Wednesday, Feb. 7.

Revenge Is Best Served In An Album

A month before Liberty comes out, the Canadian singer-songwriter posted an animated lyric video of her new song on YouTube. Told from the point of view of the narrator who has been dead for a while, the song recounts the return of the spirit to exact revenge to those who wronged her.

Ortega wrote the song with Skylar Wilson, American Music Award-winning music producer and composer based in Nashville, Tennessee. The Rolling Stone noted that Wilson and Ortega bonded over their shared love for Quentin Tarantino, which probably explains why the song is reminiscent of the director's movies, particularly Kill Bill.

"Our character in this song was shot but somehow didn't die," said the 37-year-old. "Now, he/she is ready to haunt. Our character has been through a lot up until this point but they've now defied death and the tide is about to turn."

Ortega wrote majority of the tracks from Liberty, her fifth album. It is the first of the three-part concept album that aims to reflect loss, resurrection, and freedom.

In an interview with Billboard, the award-winning singer said that she hopes the song can be something that people from all walks of life can relate to.

"I feel like anyone can be a comeback kid," she explained. "It's kind of like a metaphor. You could take it literally or use it as a metaphor. You get knocked down, but you're gonna get back up."

She added that the comeback kid, like the narrator in the song, has the resolve to keep pushing through even when life knocks them down. Whether it be a bully from school or getting fired from work, the comeback kid perseveres and thrives to survive the challenges ahead.

On why she decided to make Liberty, Ortega admits that it was her fans and how her music affected people that led her to make an album about surviving a tough moment.

"Whenever I play a show, we will go and talk to the people, sign CDs, or take a picture with them. I'll ask them why they came to the show or what got them into the music. I always noticed that one of my songs got them through a dark period in their life," she revealed. "I wanted to make a whole record that those people could listen to get them through tough times in their life."

Liberty also features Charlie McCoy, Country Music Hall of Famer, who worked with Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton. He was one of the instrumentalists behind the concept album.

Ortega will also go on tour across North America this year. Starting on Feb. 11 in New Orleans, she will also perform in Arizona, Kansas, Seattle, Portland, San Diego, Phoenix, Dallas, Milwaukee, Nashville, and more. Tickets are now available on her website.

Liberty will be released on March 30.


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