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Muse Joins Instagram: Tease Upcoming Studio Album [PHOTOS + VIDEO]



It looks as if the boys of Muse joined the ever so loved social media platform Instagram just last week. And to celebrate their new found Internet-selves, the group chose to tease fans with some shots and a video from their current recording sessions!

The below photos and video come from Muse's time in the studio for their forthcoming album. NME reports that the photos were posted by the group's drummer Dom Howard.

Check out some footage of Muse in action below, with the first photo reading "Day 1..."


 Day 1...

  View on Instagram

The second shot shows band mates listening to some "FAT bass distortion"... according to the post, of course:

Listening to some FAT bass distortion.  Afficher sur Instagram

The group ended their Instagram-binge with a video of singer Matt Bellamy playing guitar. Sadly, all we can hear are the drums, which do sound pretty great!

The guitar amp is in another room...  在 Instagram 上瀏覽

Howard was interviewed back in April and spoke of the new album, saying, "We're going to start this year ... [Coachella] is our last two gigs, then we're completely done for touring this album. We're going to go back in May and start working on some new stuff, so I think we'll start making it this year."

While appearing hopeful for a 2014 release date, the musician assured fans that should that not be the case – and truthfully, it seems it won't happen – 2015 will definitely see a new Muse album.

The English rockers' last studio album was The 2nd Law, which dropped back in 2012. The record delivered a number of kickin' singles such as "Survival," "Madness," "Follow Me," "Supremacy" and "Panic Station."

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