June 19, 2018 / 8:03 PM

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Zeds Dead Invites Polite Discussion Over Major Lazer Collaboration, Talks Down Critics


Electronic music producers Zeds Dead have utilized the power of fan-oriented peer pressure to shrug off the complaints of those who didn't take well to the Toronto duo's collaboration with Major Lazer and Elephant Man, titled "Turn Around." They said:

"Since we've seen a lot of mixed reviews here we wanted to take second to discuss our new Major Lazer/ Elephant Man tune "Turn Around'.

We love all types of music and have always tried to pursue sounds we dig. If you've been following us you'd see that we've never tried to be just one thing or let genres define us. We make what we like, and every day it's different. Some of you are fans of just one of our styles some another, some several but variety is part of what makes us who we are. You may not be down with everything we put out but just know we never put out something that we don't fully stand behind.

We are big fans of dancehall (see Undah Yuh Skirt) and Turn Around is very much a dancehall track more than anything. It's not what some of you expected and we knew there would be some hate but at the end of the day we're trying to expose you to the sounds we like and we love the tune.

We welcome discussion here."

We took a look at the the group's Facebook and SoundCloud page, and frankly, we've had much worse critiques thrown at our stories on Justin Bieber. A few posters mildly mentioned that it wasn't their favorite, and one went as far as to call it "s--t." Zeds been doing its Communication 101 homework, because it realized by adding "we welcome discussion here (here being it's own Facebook page)," that it could stifle aggressive criticism with politeness. And, perhaps incidentally, the outrage of its diehard fans would also scare critics out of posting.

Of course, "Turn Around" might actually just be a good song. Some seem bothered that the track is less dubstep than they've come to expect from Zeds, but Elephant Man makes this a fun dancehall track.

Listen below, and hey, let us know what you think. Zeds's fans won't come after you. We promise.

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