June 25, 2018 / 2:24 AM

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The Man Behind Rebecca Black's 'Friday' Makes New Alison Gold Video, 'Chinese Food,' And It's Pretty Offensive



The guy who brought the world the wonders of Rebecca Black's "Friday," Patrice Wilson, is back and working with another young artist, Alison Gold. The newest song to come out of Ark Music Factory, which produces songs for tweens, is Gold's "Chinese Food," and the video for it is kind of offensive.

Gold sings about how hungry she is after hitting the clubs (wait... how old is this girl again?). She sees a Chinese restaurant across the street and goes crazy singing about her favorite dishes.

"I love Chinese food," she sings. "You know that it's true. I love fried rice, I love noodles, I love chow mein, chow m-m-m-mein."

The video features a variety of Asian stereotypes beginning with the cashier of the restaurant being Asian herself (and probably too young to be working legally?). Furthermore, Wilson dresses up in a Panda costume and raps with the young girls (a middle-aged man in a girls bedroom? Why?). The girls then dress up as Geishas. Throw some fortune cookies and rainbows in the mix, and that's what the auto-tuned tween track has to offer.

We're hoping this is all just a joke. But this ridiculousness is probably the only way anyone would ever listen to the song, so perhaps this is all intentional. You can download the track on iTunes, if you desire.

Watch the video here, and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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