June 22, 2018 / 12:37 PM

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DJ Mustard signs deal for Roc Nation, music label of Rihanna and J. Cole


Rihanna and J. Cole are two pretty big names in popular music. Look forward to DJ Mustard joining their ranks soon. The producer/beat-maker just signed to Roc Nation, the home of the previously mentioned artists, under an artist's contract of his own. He was previously signed under a management deal with the label. 

We can't say enough about Dijon "DJ Mustard" McFarlane (see what he did there?) for his role in the studio. He's taken otherwise unlistenable songs ("Rack City" by Tyga) and made them hip, club rockers with his minimalist style. He's taken entertaining songs ("I'm Different" by 2 Chainz) and made them even more different. He won Producer of The Year at the recent Global Spin Awards (a ceremony dedicated to DJ's), and with good reason. 

Now Mustard hopes to take his own name on the road. 

"What I want to do is to just put out my own album and go tour off my own album, and have people come see me like they gon' see David Guetta," he said in an interview with Jay Z. "See my vision is to...you don't have a Hip Hop DJ that's like the EDM DJ. Like David Guetta can go pack out a f-----g stadium, and it's just for David Guetta. You don't got a Hip Hop DJ like that."

It seems like Mustard is saying he wants to go out on the road as a hip-hop DJ, and fill arenas just by doing his DJ thing. We applaud this as an idea. Too many DJ's, with Timbaland being the most obvious example, try to supplement their beats with raps of their own, and it doesn't work. Timbaland the producer: great. Timbaland the rapper: not very great. 

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