Teen Mom star Maci Bookout just recently announced that her wedding to Taylor McKinney is on hold because she is pregnant with a second child. Bookout and her 6-year-old son Bentley are one of the few young families that seems to have done well in spite of appearing on the MTV series that tends to breed dysfunction. Instead of constant bad life choices, Bookout's problems are more normal, like today when she and her son were in a rollover accident while traveling on the highway.

Apparently, Bookout's Jeep actually rolled over three times before coming to a final resting spot on its roof and, in spite of the vehicle being totaled, she, her unborn child and her son walked away with no more than bumps and bruises. Bookout took to her Instagram to post photos as well as her gratitude after the scary accident.

"Thanking God that Bentley and I were able to walk away from this nightmare with only a few bruises. Thanking God that my unborn baby girl is perfectly healthy after this. I'd also like to@JeepOfficial @Jeep because if our seat belts and the roll cage had not done their job, I'm not sure my family and I would of had the same outcome. Thanks to everyone that stopped to help, that was huge. I pray everyone else involved is doing okay. #jeepwrangler#rolledthreetimes #terrifying #totaled#notmyfault," said Bookout.

That looks pretty scary, and it likely is a good thing that the reality star and her son were belted in. Like we already said, Bookout has actually ended up being one of the more fortunate members of MTV's Teen Mom family. Has it been luck or do you think she has made conscious choices to avoid a lot of the hurt that her co-stars have fallen prey to? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.