June 18, 2018 / 1:40 PM

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Nora Burkhartsmeier impresses with voice, piano, and songwriting on 'Remember'


It's easy to forget how young some of our favorite performers are when they enter the music world. From Michael Jackson's Jack 5 debut at the age of 11, to Lorde's chart-topping single "Royals" at the age of 16, it doesn't take much life experience to make a splash in the music industry. Tuesdays Under 21 is a Music Times feature dedicated to bringing attention to talented musicians and performers under the age of 21. Who knows? They just might be the next big thing. This week we introduce you to...

WHO: Nora Burkhartsmeier
AGE: 12
WHY: They keep making them younger and younger these days. At least half the arguments against Lorde during her rise to fame was that a 16 year-old couldn't possibly grasp the emotions she was singing about. We at Music Times respectfully disagree, and are willing to bet that those same critics will tear their hair out when they hear a 12 year-old deliver an even more emotionally-packed ballad.

Nora Burkhartsmeier turned heads when video of her performing "Remember," which is billed during the video as her first original tune, popped up on the Huffington Post. Burkhartsmeier sits at a upright piano with a recording mic and sings a lament inspired by a friend who moved away during the video. The performer was hurt by the friend's aloof attitude, which led to her writing a ballad that reads like an Adele tearjerker, but sounds more like Alicia Keys when delivered from Burkhartsmeier.

Neither the vocal nor piano performance is perfect, but she's 12. Year. Old. If she indeed wrote the entire piece herself, she can afford to wait a year or two before reaching full-on prodigy status.

Burkhartsmeier comes across an intelligent young woman during interviews, both in explaining her work and self. She never tries to act above her age however, acknowledging that a career in music is a tough thing to guarantee.

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