June 21, 2018 / 4:44 AM

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'Empire' Lee Daniels Says on Twitter That Show's UK Premiere Will Be April 28



Empire, the hip-hop musical drama that has many talking and singing, will now hit the U.K. on Channel E4Lee Daniels, the show's creator, confirmed Empire's United Kingdom start date as April 28.

Daniels confirmed the news on his Twitter account today, April 16.

"What's up UK? Empire starts Tuesday, April 28 on E4! @E4Tweets and #Empire," he tweeted.

According to NME News, E4, a British TV channel, announced that it acquired the rights to the hip-hop drama last week, April 7.

The first season of Empire steadily gained new viewers throughout the duration of the 12 episodes. In an interview with Indiewire in December 2014, Daniels explained that although he did not have enough of a budget to create the music for the show, Timbaland's contribution made the music a success.

"I have Timbaland, who is incredible, who is a genius doing my music and he came in and really cut his fee. Cause it's a musical," Daniels told Indiewire.

He also gave insight to what the core of Empire is really about.

"It's about what happens when people come from nothing," he explained. "What happens when you are selling drugs just to feed your family because there is no out. You're tired of working at McDonald's ..."

Daniels also shared what it was like to work with the show's writer, Danny Strong, and whether or not -- at the time of the interview -- he was considered the show's "show runner," a person responsible for ensuring the episodes end on time.

"I didn't even know what a showrunner was until a few months ago," Daniels said. "I think we have the right person. Right now we are teaming with writers, which is a fascinating, just a fascinating world. I have a newfound respect for television."

Check out a recent video from Empire, sharing how to create the Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) look.

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