July 18, 2018 / 5:06 AM

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AC/DC's Phil Rudd Speaks Out: 'I've Seen the Error of My Ways'



Phil Rudd is out on bail following a hearing last month where the AC/DC drummer pleaded guilty to charges of drug possession and threatening to kill a person. During a recent interview with Australia's A Current Affair, Rudd talked about his legal troubles and what communication has been like with his former bandmates, who are currently on tour in support of Rock or Bust.

Rudd's legal problems stem from a phone call he made to a former employee after the percussionist's solo album, Head Job, performed poorly, Blabbermouth reports. "I'm going to come over there and kill you," Rudd reportedly told his former assistant.

"I was pretty stressed at the time," Rudd told A Current Affair (see the video below). "I got back here and the people who I had working for me for this [album] launch - it was a total f*cking disaster. So I was really pissed off."

The drummer went on to say that he has reached out to his former bandmates, but he has yet to hear back from them.

"I wrote them a letter, I tried to get in contact with Angus [Young]... I've had no contact with anybody," he added. "I'm very disappointed ... But, you know, that's life."

Former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade took over for Rudd during the trials, and he could be sitting in for a couple of years depending on the outcome of the sentencing hearing on June 26 (Rudd could be sentenced to seven years in prison for the threatening to kill charge.

"I'm sure they're having a great old time," Rudd said about the band. "I'm sure they're really enjoying playing. I'm sure it really sounds great. There'll be another tour and another and I'll be on it. It'll go until we all die. We'll probably all have to be dead before it stops."

"I've seen the errors of my ways... It's onward and upward from here," he added.

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