June 18, 2018 / 9:21 AM

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Yogi, Skrillex, Pusha T 'Burial' Music Video: Dennis Rodman Cameo



Yogi's single "Burial" featuring the vocals of Pusha T just got a very interesting music video that not only adds visual treatment to the track, but also mashes up two of the biggest remixes for the tune from Skrillex and TrollPhace, and Moody Good. The video follows a group of mashed dancers who are clearly up to no good as they wreak havoc on everything they come across. However, when world champion professional basketball player and North Korean apologist, Dennis Rodman the dancer's reign of terror comes to an abrupt end.

The Grant Singer-directed video starts with Pusha T being groomed in a barbershop that is then ransacked by the masked dancers with such wanton disregard they even hit each other during the chaos, stopping for dancing occasionally of course. The action then moves outside to where Pusha T hops into a convertible driven by a woman and rides down the street until stopped by the masked individuals dancing in front of the car.

That changes shortly after King Push pulls off his face to reveal Dennis Rodman underneath, who does not take kindly to the harassing opponents. After some pushing, Rodman escalates things by lighting one of the individuals on fire, but the other dancers seem rather unimpressed. Eventually the scene fades away as the dancers clear the scene and the man rolling on the ground somehow explodes.

The visuals are the main event, but how the Yogi seamlessly mashes together the two remixes from Moody Good and then Skrillex and TrollPhace definitely deserves a lot of credit. It could also start a trend to put create remixes of remixes that are normally reserved for live sets into videos like this. Watch the video below.

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