June 23, 2018 / 2:08 PM

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How Many Deadheads Were Arrested for Marijuana Charges at 'Fare Thee Well'?



Many a joke was made regarding Deadheads and the Grateful Dead's huge "Fare Thee Well" concert series in Chicago last weekend, but stats suggest that the authorities took a relaxed approach to enforcing marijuana laws around Soldier Field. Numbers released to The Chicago Sun-Times indicated that a mere three individuals were arrested around the concert for charges tied to pot.

Illinois is on the more progressive end of marijuana legislation, aiming to decriminalize the drug in the near future. Governor Bruce Rauner is expected to sign such a bill...appropriate considering he himself was present at the "Fare Thee Well" concerts. Chicago as a city decriminalized possession of less than 15 grams of marijuana during 2012.

One of the arrestees had more than 15 grams in his possession, according to the report (suggesting intention to sell), and two others had less than that...meaning that despite receiving a summons, an actual conviction is unlikely.

It seems the Chicago Police Department realized that its manpower was better used elsewhere...it was a stressful weekend for the city in terms of violent crime. Seven people were killed by gunfire and an additional 40 were wounded by gunfire during the holiday weekend. The Sun-Times reported that an additional four people were killed in other violence. A tally operated by RedEye Chicago suggests that there have been 228 homicides to date in the city during 2015.

The CPD might not necessarily approve of the Deadheads' marijuana habits...but they probably figure at this point that anyone promoting peace, love and happiness can't be bad for the city.

No statistics were provided for arrests related to other forms of illegal drugs.

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