May 24, 2018 / 9:27 PM

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'Paula Deen' Music Video: Marv Mack Slams Chef After Black Face Scandal [Exclusive Q&A]



Philly rapper Marv Mack is making waves with his latest single, "Paula Deen," off of his mixtape, Golden Band-Aids. Ironically enough, he coincidentally dropped his music video around the chef's second racial scandal following her N-word fiasco a couple of years ago, when she admitted to using the derogatory word in a lawsuit.

Now, the 68-year-old queen of butter and fried foods is under fire again after she uploaded a photo from a cooking taping in which she's dressed as the legendary I Love Lucy actress, Lucille Ball, along with her son, Bobby Deen, who smiles in blackface portraying himself as Ricky Ricardo.

It appears that Marv's single and new music video may just be the long overdue tongue-drubbing she needs. The 28-year-old spitter doesn't pull any punches.

MusicTimes: Why did you decide to do a song directly aimed at Paula Deen?

Marv Mack: I didn't really decide to make a song about Paula Deen specifically. It kind of just happened subliminally through what I was seeing in the news. I remember watching the Trayvon Martin trial thinking, "How the f*ck is this happening right now?" This kid was walking from the store to his house and was shot and killed for what reason?

The whole trial made me mad as sh*t so I turned the channel and low-and-behold, on the next channel is the Paula Deen scandal, adding salt to my wounds. I couldn't escape it. Something was telling me, 'This is an issue that you need to address in your own way.'

The next day I went to the studio and Starks (the producer) played an eerie trap beat for me, for some reason, only two words kept repeating in my mind -- 'Paula Deen, Hallelujah.'

 MT: Did you ever plan on doing music on the "Black Lives Matter" movement?

MM: No, I didn't know of the movement, I just knew that I had a gift for words for a reason and this song felt right.

MT: Can you tell me who directed the video why you used those visuals for your video?

MM: I shot, edited and directed the video along with my friend Malik. I decided to use those images because those images are what people have been sweeping under the rug for a long time. For so long, the media has portrayed the black male as a criminal or threat to humanity. We are still portrayed this way, but at least now they are showing the opposite side of the spectrum: the victim.

[Raps] "Look at how they got us in the news. Get it! N*ggas hanging from a noose."

MT: If you could say something to Paula Deen right now, what advice would u give her after her blackface scandal?

MM: I wouldn't give her no damn advice! I'm happy she is showing her true colors instead of being a closet racist and giving me the opportunity to further expose her trifling ass. If I had one thing to say to Paula it would be, "B*tch you guessed it! You was mother f*ckin'!" ... In my Og Maco voice.

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