June 24, 2018 / 12:33 PM

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Violinist Kevin Yu's Company, Coregami, Develops 'Gershwin' Shirt for Musicians



For ensemble musicians and beyond, performing in concert attire can be restraining. For violinist Kevin Yu, the confines of formal wear during a show has inspired a new design by the musician and his company Coregami. Called "The Gershwin," the shirt comes after two years in the making. Having been influenced by Under Armour sportswear, Yu noticed that the attire was able to handle moisture in a way that would benefit musicians and their tuxedos.

In looking through a number of fabrics, Yu and his team were able to find an anti-bacterial polyester mesh that allowed breathability, quick moisture evaporation and resistance to natural odors in a way that normal fabrics could not.

Yu told Violinist.com:

"It was uphill from day one. Selecting the right type of fabric felt like playing the lottery. But through a lot of research and meetings in Los Angeles, we were able to procure some really special materials from a world leader in the sports wear category."

However, the shirt itself went through some trial and error as well. Having distributed the design to some performers in the music community, Yu noted that it was from their feedback that he was able to cater to their specific needs.

Cellists shared that French cuffs locked on their strings so Yu and his team designed the shirt with single cuffs. Because of a musician's demanding schedule--about 20-40 hours a week--it was essential to minimize the need for dry cleaning per week.


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