July 19, 2018 / 12:00 AM

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Good Enough for Jazz: New Scientific Study Suggests Brain Correlation Between Music and Language



Like Chomsky said, the power of language stretches beyond mere dialogue and conversation. And like MIT's Marvin Minsky maintained, many art forms, too, have their own language-like associations (not conceived or exchanged orally but through the vast interpretations of the piece, itself).

Jazz, in particular, can channel its own kind of language--embedded in the call-and-response lines and the licks of improvisation, especially. And unlike Bernstein's whole classical music equals language goof from last century, the power of jazz's rhetoric has now been proven to aid in routine speech and verbal exchange.

The finding was published Wednesday in the journal PLoS One. It is the latest contribution to the ever-expanding fields of psychoacoustics (if not musical neuroscience, at large).


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