Deadmau5 has released nearly 35 minutes of new music for the online computer video game DOTA 2. The tracks are outfitted just for the game and can be considered a soundtrack of sorts. Fans of both deadmau5 and DOTA 2 (those interests certainly overlap for many) will enjoy this treatment for the game, which adds slower and more progressive arrangements.

Individual tracks are given rather uninteresting titles like "Laning 1 Layer 1," "Smoke End," Dire Victory" or going straight to the point with "Killed." Many of the arrangements have the hallmarks of his older, more soothing tracks such as "Brazil," but there is plenty to keep gamers awake while on a 24-hour music, snacks and energy drink-fueled binge of the game.

The pack of new music can be purchase at the DOTA 2 store online for $6.99. Maybe fans will be hearing this at the DOTA 2 International competition early next month.

The new pack of music comes as deadmau5 recently announced his plans to complete a new artist album later this year. He is still in the process of building the home studio to end all home studios and is waiting for that to be completed before he dives headfirst into new music.

Deadmau5 hasn't been shy sharing some of the tracks he is working on his Soundcloud page, which includes a vocal treatment of "Silent Picture" from Grabbitz and a third collaboration with Kaskade, featuring the vocals of Skylar Grey.

The individual tracks can be streamed here. Head to the DOTA 2 store to get your pack of new deadmau5 music, which should tide people over to the album is completed, tentatively in January.

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