June 20, 2018 / 8:54 PM

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Emilio Estefan, Santana & More Combat Trumps Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric with 'We're All Mexican'



Emilio Estefan is tired of hearing the media and Donald Trump's rhetoric of anti-immigrant sentiment and he is combating it with a song titled "We're All Mexican," packed with all-star guests including his wife Gloria Estefan and Santana.

The 62-year-old Latin musician and producer has gathered up a slew of personalities including singer Wisin, Wyclef Jean, radio personality Enrique Santos and Spanish-American chef Jose Andres to join Carlos Santana and the other musicians on the track, according to Billboard.

"We're All Mexican" was described by Estefan as a "celebration of Hispanics and our accomplishments," and it is set for release later this month

In Billboard's exclusive article, Estefan, who is a Cuban-American with 19 Grammy awards to his name, said there are many false messages being spread right now and he hopes to push back against this anti-Latin fervor that has popped up across the country.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump is certainly in part to blame for this line of thinking, as he's launched himself onto the national stage as the frontrunner in the Republican Party for his statements calling Mexicans "rapists" and "drug traffickers." These claims are, of course, false, but it hasn't stopped him from riling up a vocal minority of people who hold highly anti-immigrant beliefs.

However, Estafan said he's not responding directly to Trump, who the producer claims to have known for "many, many years."

"Trump doesn't represent anything to me," Estefan said. "Everyone has their opinion, and he can have whatever opinion he wants, as long as he doesn't humiliate my people."

"We're All Mexican" is meant to be an anthem of Hispanic culture to highlight the community's contributions to society and appeal to the hearts and minds of those who would blanket an entire ethnicity with false titles.

The intentions here are pure, but we'll have to listen to the track before passing judgment on the rest of it. Be on the lookout for the song later this month, and watch Carlos Santana perform "JinGo" below.

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