After outwardly expressing his disapproval for the otherwise famed, Asif Kapadia-directed Amy Winehouse documentary, Mitch Winehouse announced that he'll combat Amy and begin working on his own film about his daughter "fairly shortly."

Amy saw its release in July as it detailed the "Rehab" singer's quick rise and harsh fall from fame and has since reeled in record-breaking, immense acclaim. Her father, Mitch Winehouse, however, has criticized the film from the very beginning, explaining that it didn't truly or accurately depict Amy's personality.

As MSN reports, Winehouse revealed to Bang Showbiz that he'll get the ball rolling soon with his own project. "We hope to start work fairly shortly on it. But it's going to be more than just a film," he said. "All of the people who weren't in the film are hopping mad," he further explained. "They want their voices to be heard. We don't want to be like Asif, we'll let people say what they want, but we don't want it to be negative."

The late singer's father continued to detail that he, Amy's closest friends and her former partner, Reg Traviss, meet at least once a month, digging up and sharing their favorite Amy stories. The film won't only close in on the singer's career, but will also highlight other important aspects of her life that many people aren't aware of, NME notes.

"Amy created a range of dresses for Fred Perry, she created six seasons, I don't know how she managed to do it but she did and they're still selling, they're selling very well, and people don't really know that kind of side of her, that creative side. There's more to Amy than just the singing and everything else," Winehouse revealed.

Earlier this month on Oct. 15, Winehouse spoke at the annual Amy Winehouse Foundation Gala in London, stating that the Kapadia adapted film was "very hurtful" and that his impending film won't be a "revenge attack" on Kapadia. The "Back to Black" singer's father previously spoke against the way he was negatively depicted in the film as well. The main goal for the newly-crafted Amy film is positivity and the desire to focus on the great things that happened in the 27 years of Amy's life before she died in July of 2011 from alcohol poisoning.

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