June 20, 2018 / 9:19 PM

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Tritonal, The Chainsmokers 'Until You Were Gone' Video: DJs Fall For Soulcyle Instructor



Tritonal and The Chainsmokers have unveiled the music video for their collaboration "Until We Were Gone" featuring the vocals of Emily Warren. The two DJ duos keep things weird in this video as Chad and Dave of Tritonal come to the home of The Chainsmokers, New York City and they decide to join a Soulcycle class. Things get a little out of hand right from the start.

The four dudes see their instructor and immediately fall madly in love with her. They show up in your stereotypical head band and athletic wear because why not try and look good as you get your ass kicked at Soulcycle.

After the session, the four set out in their own very different ways to try and woo their instructor. Drew of The Chainsmokers is the most direct, stalking her and "runs" into her on the street, only to get peed on by her dog. Alex goes to yoga led by the instructor in Central park, but just can't handle it and falls over in a heap.

The Tritonal guys do their own creepy things indoors, stalking her online and creating a poster board of pictures of the two together.

They come back raring to go for round two with The Chainsmokers in TIGHT colorful spandex and once try to woo her heart. Just when you think they might have a chance, their hearts are broken at the end.

Don't stop being weird guys. However there are just some things you can't see. Eyes forever unclean.

Tritonal just wrapped up a 40-date tour with Cash Cash across North America, while The Chainsmokers are in the midst of their Friend Zone Tour with a whole host of special guests.

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