June 26, 2019 / 2:59 PM

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Scott Stapp Confuses 'Creed' Movie With Band Biopic on 'Funny Or Die' [WATCH]



Scott Stapp is known for being eccentric, but he takes it to the next level where he reviews the new Creed movie on Funny or Die, confusing it with a band biopic. Creed debuted in theaters on Nov. 25 and is, in fact, a movie centered on boxing starring Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone.

In the short clip on Funny or Die, Stapp explains that the movie did little to resemble the band and that there were "no epic solos played on a mountain top." He also noted that he bears no physical resemblance to Jordan and has never been introduced to fictional boxing legend, Rocky Balboa. But Stapp gave the movie a positive review overall all and said that he would award it, "four out of five arms wide open."

While the Funny or Die clip was all in good fun, the former Creed singer seems to be going through a slight career revival as of late, at least in a comical sense, after the infamous video posted to Facebook where he claimed to be broke, homeless and under attack from assailants.

Stapp's struggle with Bipolar Disorder and substance abuse, which sparked the off the wall post, is what lead to the final dissolution of Creed -- which had been inactive since 2012 -- the band that made his name in the music industry. Their Human Clay album sold 11.7 million copies a decade ago.

The singer recently appeared on the VH1 reality show, Couples Therapy, with his wife Jaclyn, which is a standard for fallen celebrities looking to make a comeback in the industry after a scandal.

Stapp had recently claimed that a Creed reunion was in the works, but the band's former guitarist, Mark Tremonti disagreed, saying to Loudwire, "This world doesn't need any more music out of this camp for the next few years after this year. So another Creed album would just be overkill," saying that perhaps a 2017 reunion would be a better fit since it is the anniversary of their six-times platinum album, My Own Prison.

Stapp did recently collaborate with the former drummer Scott Philips in order to compile a Creed retrospective album that was scheduled to be released this month.

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