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Powerball Playlist: From Rags to Riches with Rick Ross, Drake, Gwen Stefani and More



The Powerball drawing has the entire country buzzing. With $1.5 billion at stake, it seems like everyone is scooping up tickets for tonight's (Jan. 13) big drawing. But, as you anxiously await to figure out whether or not your life is going to change (or as you celebrate knowing that your life is forever changed), one question remains: what to listen to?

Luckily, we've got you covered with the soundtrack to your pre and post-win life.

01. "Buy Me a Boat," Chris Janson

They say "money can't buy happiness," but that's a notion that Chris Janson fully dismisses on his breakout hit "Buy Me a Boat." I mean, how can you be unhappy with some time on the lake and a brand new truck to pull it along?

02. "If I Had $1,000,000," Barenaked Ladies

More like $1 billion, but okay. There have been plenty of songs before this and after this Barenaked Ladies breakout hit about what one would do if they fell into tons of money, but this song has realistic goals, like taking a limousine to the store and buying reliable cars for your love. But forget a green dress, that's cruel.

03. "Billionaire," Travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars

Now, we're talking. "I want to be a billionaire so f*cking bad." Do we even need another reason why this song makes the cut?

04. "Rich Girl," Gwen Stefani

"If I was a rich girl..." Gwen Stefani muses in this song, one of her earliest solo hits. And while the core of this song is that money can't buy love (yawn), the idea of buying a home in "London town" and buying out Vivienne Westwood doesn't sound so bad. Who needs a man when you can buy all the gold you want?

05. "Started from the Bottom," Drake

While the first few songs on our list were about wanting money, let's get into the songs you should be rocking out to once you beat those 1/292,000,000 odds and win the Powerball. Is there any better song about picking yourself up than this Drake masterpiece? Plus, like Broad City taught us, this song is perfect for your newly rich montage video - which you can now afford to produce, if you so choose.

06. "We Fly High," Jim Jones

Speaking of making your own video (now that you're a billionaire), is there any more iconic symbolism of excessive cash than the infamous Diddy "making it rain" GIF? We didn't think so. Now, feel free to recreate that, with $1000 bills if you so choose. And do it to the original song that the clip came from: Jim Jones' "We Fly High."

07. Rick Ross' Entire Discography

Is there a rapper in the game today who makes more music about being filthy stinkin' rich than Rick Ross? We don't think so. From "Money Dance" to "Yacht Club," Ross has always been about flaunting his excessive lifestyle. And while his may be fueled by drugs, yours is through legal means so you can bump to this with no worries or regrets.

08. The Berliner Philharmoniker

You're rich now, which on some level means you have to be classy. And what's classier than the best orchestra in the world (as deemed by a panel of 16 at bachtrack.com). Listen to this as people polish your silver candlesticks (or something) and you can even make a trip to Berlin to hear this piece in person.

09. Literally, whatever you want.

Everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Nicki Minaj to The Rolling Stones have played private shows for big price tags, and now that you're a literal billionaire, that is chump change. Fly in your fav for a private show, heck, for some extra cash they may even curate you a playlist.

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