June 25, 2018 / 3:22 PM

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"Best American Rock Band" Wussy Debuts "Dropping Houses" Off New LP 'Forever Sounds'



In certain circles, Wussy is considered to be the best band in America, and with the Ohio rockers set to release its 6th LP, titled Forever Sounds, the group is living up to those claims with the album's first single, "Dropping Houses."

Centered around the delicate vocal styling of Lisa Walker and Chuck Cleaver, previously known for his highly influential work with the Ass Ponys, the duo is back at it again combining noise rock and gritty Americana music into a cacophony of blended sounds.

As the opening track of the album, "Dropping Houses" sets the tone right away. Wall-of-sound style guitars and chugging drums make up the base as subtle little xylophone notes chime over-top the strained vocals of Cleaver while Walker provided the perfect contrast of normalcy to the madness happening around her.

"'Dropping Houses' is a culmination of sounds we've been attempting to harness for a few years now," Walker wrote to Spin via email. "Our dorky dual fandom of '90s shoegaze and Tom Petty has fully surfaced and become a really singable wall of noise."

On the lyrics, Walker said it's about being a kid watching The Wizard Of Oz and wondering what it would be like to fly along in a floating house watching the strange objects whirling past turn into monsters. She says we all have a moment in life where we have to stop being afraid of the witch or the storm or whatever your fear is, and the song is about celebrating that.

Listen to the song and check out the full tracklist below.

Forever Sounds track list:
01. Dropping Houses
02. She's Killed Hundreds
03. Donny's Death Scene
04. Gone
05. Hello, I'm a Ghost
06. Hand of God
07. Sidewalk Sale
08. Better Days
09. Majestic-12
10. My Parade

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