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Robin Thicke 'Blurred Lines' ALBUM REVIEW [LISTEN] [DOWNLOAD]: In His Own Lane, No Justin Timberlake Comparisons? Thicke Combines Pop, Piano Ballads, And Disco Soul Versatile New Album



Robin Thicke may be be singing "Blurred Lines," but there is nothing obscure about his latest album. The singer-songwriter, who has been on the scene for more than a decade penning tunes for the likes of Mary J.Blige, Christina Aguilera and more, mainly remained in the shadows of Justin Timberlake (as if there's only room for one soulful white guy in R&B). But with the help of producers will.i.am, Timbaland and The Neptunes, Thicke creates the perfect balance of pop, party and love songs all wrapped strategically into his sixth studio album, and proves that he is, and always has been, in his own lane.

The breakout lead single "Blurred Lines" sets the pace for the album. The dance track, wrapped in Pharell Williams' genius, is the perfect combination of tambourines, drums, horns and more. The track serves as a preview that as the album progresses it will be one hell of a disco-soul train that you may want to never get off.

From track to track, even when Thicke slows it down, it's hard to stop tapping your feet or evening getting up and breaking out into a full out dance party. On his song "Ooo La La," Thicke's sweet and airy voice pairs well with the glossy, nostalgic track like a pricey white wine, Moscato to supplement summer fruit. Just as you find your comfort zone in equilibrium between dancing and relaxing, Thicke takes it up a light notch with "Aint No Hat 4 That," co-written by his father, actor Alan Thicke.

Listen to "Ooo La La:"

But it's on tracks such "The Good Life," and "For The Rest Of My Life" that Thicke maintains the classic, or traditional (if you will) sound that garnered his fan base back in the early 2000's. While he proves that he can wear the pop hat, he affirms that he has not lost his Maxwell-like touch with his soft-spoken ballads, led by piano. Thicke may like to party and get you on your feet, but he is still in love with love songs. The simultaneous trance of his progression as an artist, while maintaining his R&B roots and infusing a newer pop sound is what makes "Blurred Lines" one of Thicke's best albums to date.

Listen to "4 The Rest Of My Life:"

While Thicke got our attention with his sultry bedroom tunes, his upbeat and more pop-like sound showcases Thicke's versatility as an artist and the levels he is willing to go to continue to make modern, yet timeless music that will appeal to the masses.

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