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Maxwell Talks Dating Insecure Women, New Album & More on 'Wendy Williams' [WATCH]



R&B crooner Maxwell is back with a new album full of new melodies to make fans fall in love with him all over again. After a seven-year hiatus, the soul singer visited The Wendy Williams show to talk more about the love songs featured on the new album, blackSummers'night; and the difficulty of finding a lasting love of his own from dating insecure women.

In preparation for the release of his fifth studio album, 42-year-old Maxwell stopped by the Wendy studio for the first time to give a little insight on what he's been up to for the past seven years in dating and music according to This Is RnB. Though he hadn't released an album since 2009, the "Pretty Wings" singer still remained active in his craft, just not to the point of getting caught up in the "celebrity" of it.

"You know the thing for me that I was so excited about and blessed about was that, I like the feeling of knowing I don't have to have a record out to be able to go out and record and to do a show for people," Maxwell explained. "... I don't connect myself with the music, the music is something that God has allowed me to have and I don't connect my ego with it. So that's why when I go away I get to re-acclimate myself to being the guy that can write a song for the people that I grew up with..." and those that grew up listening to him.

The Brooklyn native discussed how important it is to find balance within the music business because it's so easy to become distracted; especially by the women who tend to throw themselves at him while out on tour. The "Sumthin Sumthin" singer revealed how during one tour, he came back to his hotel room only to find his own little random something-something, waiting for him in the hotel bath tub. According to Maxwell, it's not the random strange women that have been the most difficult to deal with but, the women he's dated in the past that haven't been so trusting of him, because of these random women and their own insecurities.

"A woman wants to feel number one," explained the "Pretty Wings" singer. "And you always have to really really make them know, look this is just what I do. I love you very much, please understand."

Maxwell breaks it all down in one of his songs off the new album, which is the follow up to his 2009 album of the same name, but stylized differently, BLACKsummers'night according to Vibe. During the interview with Williams, Maxwell referenced our First Lady Michelle Obama with these lyrics, "I just want a Michelle Obama lady to hold me down when the world goes crazy" which describes the type of woman that is secure and strong within herself.

The highly anticipated album has already allowed fans to get a glimpse of what Maxwell is bringing with his 2016 blackSummers'night first single, "Lake by the Ocean," released in April. The full album will be available July 1.

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