April 27, 2018 / 12:56 AM

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Ellie Goulding Refuses to be "Criticized" on Twitter After Speaking Out Against Donald Trump



Ellie Goulding is refusing to be criticized on Twitter after speaking out on Donald Trump via social media and expressing exactly how she feels about the controversial Republican candidate. While Goulding has never been known for being particularly political, she still feels that she shouldn’t be criticized for her views.

Earlier this week, Goulding had posted unflattering tweets about Trump and had a fan tweet back at her, “Don’t stick your nose into politics and make me not want to go to your concert in June.” Goulding simply replied, “Don’t come please.”

Goulding then gave an interview to the Daily Star Online about the incident and expressed that while she doesn’t speak out about every issue, she will speak up if she feels that it’s something that’s important for young people to think about.

“Most people agree with my opinions about Donald Trump, but a couple of people on Twitter did not agree,” Goulding said on the Twitter backlash. “A guy said he wouldn’t come to my show if I didn’t start talking about Trump, so I just told him well maybe you shouldn’t come then. The way he put it made me think that I really don’t understand why Trump is even running for president at all.”

She further said, “It is something I feel strongly about and I don’t think I should be criticized for speaking out.”

In other Goulding news, the singer is slated to be featured in a Discovery Channel series entitled Hello World! over the summer. It is being produced by RadicalMedia and is also working closely with the World Wildlife Fund.

Goulding’s episode will feature her hit, “Something in the Way You Move,” and examines the ways that animals go about attracting a mate.

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