Oh to be dry again. A soggy Governors Ball 2016 Day 2 is completed and attendees now have the time to dry out shirts, shorts and shoes. The strong rain and mud were important stories on Saturday, but the day was filled with quality music as well by the likes of Miguel, Miike Snow, The Knocks and The Killers. We give you the play-by-play of what happened on Randall's Island.

2:00 - Water continues to fall from the bridge near the east entrance. Where is this water coming from? It has barely rained over the past week...

2:42 - The first of two major guests from The Knocks - Carly Rae Jepsen, who appears to sing "Love Me Like That." Her mic isn't great, but her presence is.

2:52: The second appears - Wyclef Jean -- who dedicates his appearance to Prince and has a few choice words for Donald Trump in a freestyle before launching into "Kiss The Sky."

3:10 - If you looked up a modern British rock band in the dictionary today, Catfish & The Bottlemen would be a good guess to look and sound like what you are looking for.

4:15 - Misterwives are beyond excited to be performing. They repeatedly say that this "is the best day of their lives" and it sounds so cheerful and earnest you believe it. They also dust off an unreleased song "Machine," which they have been performing over the past week.

4:40 - Thundercat's drummer is absolutely killing it. He is taking this funk to a whole new level.

5:00 - Anybody doubting whether or not Mac Miller is back just needed to see the sea of people in front of him Saturday. The acoustics were super wonky, but tens of thousands stood or sat to hear him perform tracks from his full discography.

6:00 - De La Soul clown the photographers, who they admire for doing work, but want to have a little more fun (agreed as one on occasion). They cut the music until all photographers put their hands up and dance, a welcome reprieve from the awkward jockeying in the always-crowded photo pit. Despite being in the game for 28 years, something they mentioned a lot, De La Soul had among the best energy of any performer and demanded the most from the crowd.

7:00 - Miguel has dance moves and sex appeal for days. Good thing the rain that wasn't supposed to happen has started.

7:15 - It is absolutely pouring. Fans are scurrying to shelter under umbrellas, tents and trees, huddled together to avoid the water.

7:50 - The rain has stopped and Miguel has removed his shirt to head out into the crowd. That small sound heard are ovaries exploding all over Governors Ball.

8:20 - It is absolutely POURING again. The Gov Ball app cited a weatherman that said the worst was behind us. They need to fire said weatherman because he lied.

8:50 - It is ridiculous out here. With raindrops coming down so big that they almost feel like hail, many people are streaming towards the exits. However, real fans are sticking around and making the most of it dancing in the rain. One man decides to lie in a mud puddle. I join a dance circle where each person leads a dance for each song. Nobody cares anymore.

9:10 - Miike Snow end their set with "Devil's Work" and let the crowd belt out large portions of the hook because as Andrew Wyatt put it, "only the real fans would have stayed in the rain this long."

9:15 - The rain stops just in time for the headliners, but their crowds are at maybe half.

9:30 - M83 opens up with some uptempo tunes like "Do It, Try It,' but then saunters into the sleepier parts of Junk.

10:30 - The Killers still have a large looking crowd considering the weather had worn on people. My shoes feel like they weigh an extra four pounds from the water intake, but we carry on with hits like "Human," "Runaways" and "Heaven" storming out from the speakers.