Wolfgang Gartner has had some interesting collaborations over the course of his career such as will.i.am and E-40, but none compare to what he just landed on his latest single. The "Space Junk" producer just released his new song "Baby Be Real" with Hall & Oates' John Oates.

The song is one of the funkier tracks to emerge from Gartner ever. His bass lines always have an excellent groove to them, but this combines some slapping bass and 1970s synth chords that gel with the soothing vocals of John Oates. In a time when so many are feeling down, this is an escapist anthem to simply dance and forget.

It is an odd collaboration that seemingly came out of nowhere, but according to both artists; it has been developing for quite some time.

"'Baby Be Real' developed from a song idea that I started writing with Josh Charles. Wolfgang Gartner heard a demo version and liked it enough to build a really pumped-up track around the hook. He jacked up the dance vibe big time, and the record really rocks! I love what he did with it and can't wait to hear it on the dance floor!" says John Oates in a statement.

Gartner speaks about how refreshing this was to do and an honor it is to work with someone like Oates.

"The opportunity was floated to me to turn this demo into a dance track and mix worlds by combining John's vocals and my music. I took John's a cappella and wrote all new music underneath it, going for a sort of late 90's disco house throwback vibe. This project was so organic and refreshing for me, as an opportunity to revisit the sound that I grew up on and collaborate with a legend and personal hero," notes Wolfgang Gartner.

In addition to the original mix, Wolfgang adds a 360 club mix which still keeps the track funky, but also adds some of the electro that he has been known for over the years.

Listen to the package below and pick up a copy here.