July 17, 2018 / 9:23 PM

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Nikki Sixx Says Motley Crue Will Not Release Another Album Despite Vince Neil's Hints



Nikki Sixx has denied that Motley Crue will be releasing another album, despite hints from fellow band member Vince Neil. In his opinion, the band creatively “came to a crawl” and officially announced their split in 2014.

Once their split was announced, singer Neil, bassist Sixx, guitarist Mick Mars and drummer Tommy Lee signed a “cessation of touring” agreement so that none of the members could use the band name in the future. Motley Crue did their final tour last year.

But Neil hinted at the possibility of new material and said to The Oakland Press, “We’ve never said we’re not touring anymore. We’re gonna be definitely making more music together for different projects and stuff. But right now we’re really just focused on doing these shows this year and finishing with a bang.”

But in an interview with TeamRock, Sixx was throwing out phrases such as the band “couldn’t write music any more” and that “it’s time for it to go.” While he claimed that he was still close with Neil, he vehemently said that there would be “no tour, nothing, no chance of another record.”

“I just want to leave it intact,” he said. “I see no reason. We couldn’t be creative as a band, so how the hell can we continue? But I’m glad the way it finished - we did it all, we did what we said we were going to do, and now I’m excited about the future.”

It was recently reported that Neil would be performing at Donald Trump's inauguration in January, and the singer claimed that he was asked about his availability “months ago.” He reportedly would be performing with his own band for the event, and not using the Motley Crue name. He has since said that his performance will not be happening.

His appearance on the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice with Arnold Schwarzenegger will also be airing on NBC the same month.

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