May 22, 2018 / 3:50 AM

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‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Manga Coincides Live Action Movie’s US Premiere In Time For Halloween



After its Japanese release, the live-action adaptation of the anime and manga series "Tokyo Ghoul" is ready to give the U.S. its brand of fantasy horror. Just in time for the Halloween season, the next chapter of the manga series will also be distributed on American bookshelves.

The live-action "Tokyo Ghoul" movie, which will be released with English subtitles, will follow the basic structure of the anime and manga series. As reported by Comic Book, Masataka Kubota, who also appeared as Light Yagami in the 2015 live-action adaptation of "Death Note", plays the role of Ken Kaneki, a regular human that became a human-ghoul hybrid due to a surgery. 

While he becomes stronger than a regular human, he is forced to take human flesh in order to continue living. As he learns more on how to balance his life as both a human and a ghoul, he gets to know the ghouls better and realizes not everyone is as bad as they seem. Also, he becomes a target of an organization that focuses on ridding the world of the ghoul threat.

Following the movie's premiere, Viz Media is releasing the first volume of the sequel to "Tokyo Ghoul" starting October 17. Titled "Tokyo Ghoul: Re", Crunchyroll reported that the series will be distributed via print and digital media. Created by "Tokyo Ghoul" creator Sui Ishida, the story will revolve around the Commission of Counter Ghoul, an organization that is tasked to deal with the ghouls. With a new yet possibly dangerous weapon up their sleeves, the Commission, along with its Q Squad, aims to give the ghouls a dose of their own medicine.

The new series is rated "T+", making it suitable for older teens. Upon its release, "Tokyo Ghoul: Re" will be priced at $12.99.

"Tokyo Ghoul" will have a limited screening on US Theatres from October 16-22, 2017. 


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