June 24, 2018 / 6:49 AM

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Dan Harmon Admits To Sexually Harassing A Former ‘Community’ Writer



Dan Harmon recently admitted to sexually harassing Megan Ganz, a former writer for Community. The admission took place during an episode of his podcast, Harmontown.

Dan Harmon's Apology

Over 18 minutes into his podcast, Harmon revealed that he was attracted to a female employee, and he decided to act on those feelings because he had power over her. Harmon served as showrunner for Community, while the complainant was a writer for the show.

After developing feelings for Ganz, Harmon lied to his live-in girlfriend at that time about his attraction toward the writer. Ganz told Harmon a couple of times that she felt uncomfortable with how he treated her, but the showrunner refused to listen to her complaints.

Harmon decided to break up with his girlfriend because he thought that he and Ganz could be together. However, when Ganz refused to reciprocate his feelings, Harmon engaged in uglier behavior toward the employee.

"That was probably the darkest of it all. I'm going to assume when she tweets about it and refers to 'trauma' that's probably it. I drank. I took pills. I crushed on her and resented her for not reciprocating it and the entire time I was the one writing her paycheck..." said Harmon.

He ended his confession by encouraging men to think of the implications that their actions might have, especially on women.

Megan Ganz Responds To Dan Harmon

After hearing Harmon's confession, Ganz responded to her former boss and said that she has forgiven him. She also encouraged everyone to listen to Harmon's 7-minute confession because the showrunner admitted to what he did. Ganz said that she was surprised that Harmon acknowledged her complaint and didn't deny the accounts she previously shared.

Writer Comes Forward

Meanwhile, Ganz first came forward about her sexual harassment story earlier this month after Harmon posted a New Year's message on his Twitter account. The Rick and Morty creator called himself an a****** in the tweet, and Ganz asked if he wanted to explain what he meant further.

Hours later, Harmon responded to Ganz and apologized for his misdemeanor without divulging any details. In a follow-up post, Harmon acknowledged the fact that he treated his employee like garbage.

"I would feel a lot of relief if you told me there was a way to fix it. I'll tell you to call the shots. Till then, at least know I know I was an awful boss and a selfish baby," wrote Harmon.

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