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David Dunn's Debut EP, 'Crystal Clear' is Clearly a Winner



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David Dunn - Crystal Clear
David Dunn's introduction to the national Christian music scene gives fans a glimpse of his talent and drive and shows a crystal clear example of what we have to look forward to when his full-length project drops. We'll be getting deep lyrics, rich vocals and catchy music, and if Crystal Clear doesn't do anything else, it does paint a picture of everything a contemporary Christian sound should offer.

Dunn's trip to the spotlight started out on the stages around Texas Tech University. The honors engineering student moonlighted as a singer/songwriter and he even recorded a full-length album during his last year there. His next stage was in Africa, where he spent 13 months doing humanitarian and missions work. Even though he came home to the U.S. with a horrible case of malaria, David still describes his time in the missions field as "probably the biggest growth period of my life." Despite having a degree in the field of engineering and a guaranteed future in the family business, he knew that his future was music. Season 2 of The Voice was his next step/stage and while none of the judges turned around to move him past the blind audition phase of the show, the audience loved him and his fan base grew by leaps and bounds. Signing with BEC is taking him to the next step/stage and from here, the sky is the limit.

One of the first things that jumps out at you on all of Dunn's songs is the solid songwriting. If there is anything "missing" from this project, it's generic sentiment. David writes from the heart - from his own experiences. He shares, "When I write songs, they are usually about what I've been learning. Art is my context for being able to say what's on my mind, and hopefully, it can help encourage those who are in a similar place in life."

"Have Everything" is a perfect example. The words come from that moment when he truly gave his life to God - giving Him everything instead of just the parts that he felt like he needed help with.

"Nothing Left" is about giving all your love, unconditionally, until there is nothing left and not getting that same level of love back. Sure, it could be about a girl, but think deeper. The only true unconditional love that gives unto death is the love that Jesus gives us.

Closer "Waiting for Love" is a heart-wrenching ballad about broken people who are on their knees and waiting on love (Jesus) to save them. We're reminded that Christ spent "six hours on a tree" for us, so when we think that He is ignoring our pain because He can't relate, we're wrong.

Bottom line: David Dunn doesn't just sing songs; he paints rich and vivid pictures with his music.

GENRE: Contemporary Christian
RELEASE DATE: July 15, 2014

Crystal Clear EP Track List:

  1. It Is Well
  2. Have Everything
  3. Today is Beautiful
  4. Nothing Left
  5. Waiting for Love


  • "Have Everything"
  • "Nothing Left"

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