June 23, 2018 / 4:31 AM

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Usher's Son In Hospital: Photos Of Usher Raymond V After Pool Accident, Mother Filing For Custody



As we reported earlier this week, Usher's son, Usher Raymond V, is currently in the ICU of an Atlanta hospital after suffering a freak accident and nearly drowning in the swimming pool behind Usher's home. Now, we have the first pictures of Usher Raymond V courtesy of Usher's ex-wife (and the boy's mother) Tameka Raymond. The pic is being viewed as a ploy to help Raymond win her custody case against her former husband.

First, a little backstory, from our report on Monday:

Sources tell TMZ that Usher was not home when the poolside accident occurred at around 6 p.m. Apparently, little Usher was playing in the pool with his aunt and noticed that a toy had sunk down by the drain. He jumped in to retrieve it, and got his arm stuck in the drain. His aunt immediately dove in the water to rescue him, but couldn't get his hand out. The maid realized that something was wrong and also tried to help, but to no avail. The maid quickly screamed for help and two men working in the house promptly stepped into action. They eventually freed the singer's son and gave him CPR. Usher Raymond was then rushed to the hospital - his father arrived just in time to drive in the ambulance with him. 

Tameka is shown in the picture from earlier today with her arms wrapped around wee Usher. TMZ claims that the picture is meant as a "jab" at her former husband, who she claims is an inattentive father. However, if the comment section is any indication of how the world at large views Tameka's decision to release the photo, maybe she would have been better off leaving the phone in her pocket.

"If an accident is grounds for losing custody then a lot of parents would lose their children at some point," said one commenter.

"Just because he didn't post a publicity photo with his son doesn't mean he hasn't been there. Some family moments should be private," added another.

A few commenters kicked the Tameka hate train into high gear.

"Its a low 'mother' who would stage a photo opp of her own recovering son to take a jab at an ex. WHY would any decent parent allow a child to be a public pawn in their hate games is just plain evil," said a commenter. (Note the quotes around "mother." That's just harsh.)

Usher has two sons with Tameka: V and Naviyd Ely Raymond. Usher has primary custody of both boys but Tameka is looking to use the incidents as grounds for receiving full custody of both children.

What do you think of Tameka's decision  to post photos of Usher Raymond V in the hospital? Do you believe that Usher should lose custody of his two boys over the incident?

Sound off in the comments.

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