June 25, 2018 / 12:11 AM

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Dita Von Teese Teams Up With Sébastien Tellier For ‘Porcelaine’



Dita Von Teese collaborates with Sébastien Tellier in the song "Porcelaine." The track will also be featured in Teese's upcoming self-titled album.

Prior to the release of "Porcelaine," Teese talked about her collaboration with Tellier. She also said that she has always been a huge fan of the singer. Every time she has a performance in Paris, she would always invite him to watch her shows.

"When I understood that Sébastien had a duet in mind with 'Porcelaine,' I was excited because I love his voice and I instantly thought of Serge Gainsbourg. But I don't think Sébastien is a copy of Gainsbourg; he's as good as him," said Teese.

Sébastien Tellier Is A Fan Of Dita Von Teese

Tellier is the one that produced all of the 10 songs in Teese's upcoming album. The project will be released on Friday, Feb. 16. The French singer-songwriter is a huge fan of Teese, and he is impressed by her artistry.

He once described the burlesque star as a "fantasy factory."

"In the sense that when you think that you've finally pierced her mystery, she turns out to be, more than ever, a creature of dreams, totally out of reach," said Tellier.

Dita Von Teese's Debut Album

In an interview last November, Teese also described her entire album and said that it is like her but with less makeup on. She added that the album emphasizes her vulnerability, which appears to be in contrast to her image as a confident and glamorous woman.

"I would never dare say such things in real life, and if I ever really felt like making such declarations of love, I would likely restrain myself right away," said Teese.

The Objectification Of Women

Other than her upcoming album, the Blooming Dahlia star also slammed her critics who suggest that she perpetuates the objectification of women. Teese said that majority of her audiences are women, and this turns the argument upside down. The 45-year-old star added that those who criticize her are usually the ones who have not been to her shows.

Teese also acknowledged the fact that burlesque is not for everyone. However, she strongly believes that the show can empower both her and her female audiences.

She also said that she fully supports the MeToo and Time's Up movements, because it is very timely to have conversations about the way women are being treated.

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