Muse drops a futuristic music video for "Something Human." The track is featured in the band's forthcoming album.

The over four-minute clip opens frontman Matt Bellamy driving in a sports car before being chased by his two bandmates, Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenholme.

Muse's music video for "Something Human" was directed by Lance Drake. He also worked with the band in directing its music videos for "Dig Down" and "Thought Contagion." "Something Human" is set in the desert, and animation is a major part of the clip.

Bellamy sings the lines to his band's new song while driving a red car and emoting in front of the camera. Howard and Wolstenholme are onboard a police car, and they chase after Bellamy who is trying to face his fears.

Lance Drake Talks About 'Something Human'

Drake opened up about "Something Human" following the music video's release and said that the track is a continuation of "Dig Down" and "Thought Contagion."

"Pulling further into a simulated world we follow Matt, Dom, and Chris on the chase of a lifetime - where something as simple as returning some videotapes becomes an epic journey. Life on the road can bring out your inner beast, this song and video are about taming that beast, desiring a return to something human. Plus, Teen Wolf is cool," explained Drake.

Matt Bellamy Talks New Muse Album

Bellamy also talked about Muse's forthcoming album, which will be released In November. He said that he and his bandmates are excited about everything that will happen to them this year.

"We're putting finishing touches on the album and at the moment, hoping to get the album finished over the next few weeks. If all goes to plan, the album will be out in November. We made this album quite spaced out over the year and a half, interspersed with shows," said Bellamy.

Muse Music Career

Muse is an English rock band from Teignmouth, Devon, that was formed in 1994. Three years after the band's inception, Muse released its self-titled debut album under Dangerous Records. This was followed up by Muscle Museum a year later.

The band's other albums include Drones, Absolution, The 2nd Law, The Resistance, Black Holes and Revelations, Origin of Symmetry, Showbiz, This Is A Muse Demo and more.

Some of the band's songs are "Uprising," "Starlight," "Undisclosed Desires," "Knights of Cydonia," "Time Is Running Out," "Hysteria," "Madness," "Dead Inside," and more.