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Most of us are locked down for safety reasons in our homes for weeks or months now due to the mandatory quarantine caused by the coronavirus. Every one had their share of disorientation from a sudden disruption in the daily routines and lifestyles. The "new normal" has taken on an unfamiliar level.   

Running out of TV series and movies to binge-watch on? Have you exhausted the stack of books for reading? Or have you done just about every stay-at-home activity to keep yourself entertained? You might want to consider using this time for self-improvement by acquiring a new hobby or skill: learning to play an instrument. After all, it might take a while before watching concerts, or hanging out in bars for live gigs can be given a clean go signal. 

Here are some of the instruments that are easy to learn to beat boredom. There is a big chance you have one or more of these at home lying around somewhere.


The recorder is a whistle mouthpiece also known as flipple flutes. This lightweight instrument emanates a sweet and clear sound. It can transport you to an imaginary mountainous countryside harboring relaxation and ultimately boosting your inner Zen. Check out WikiHow to get you started on training your windpipes to create harmony.


Ukeleles are one of the most popular smaller instruments that celebrities play and pose with including Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Gosling, Taylor Swift, Eddie Vedder, and many more. Other than being a mini-guitar, it is also made simpler with only four strings instead of a guitar's six. Get fewer callouses from practicing because of its nylon strings. After learning the fundamentals and some chords and should you decide to level up, it will be much easier to transition to learning the guitar.

Classical Guitar

Who doesn't have a friend who plays the guitar?  Classical guitar is a very common musical piece that brings instant joy to listeners - that makes free lessons very accessible. Be inspired by the best guitarists of our time, including Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Kurt Cobain. Get lessons for free from one of the most well-known guitar brands, Fender.  


Bongos or bongo drums instantly give a festive feel to any upbeat performance. Not only will the beats hype you up, but the act of beating the membrane to produce its distinct rhythmic sound can also help relieve stress. 


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Harmonica features itself as an accompaniment on these songs:  Cryin' by Aerosmith, Hand in My Pocket and All I Really Want by Alanis Morisette, Isn't She Lovely by Bob Dylan, Heart of Gold by Neil Young and many others. Check out this Spotify list for more tracks with harmonica. The handy size lets you carry it around and allows you to play it wherever you please. For online lessons, check out this course by Udemy.


Piano is one of the most common options to learn for kids which may appear intimidating with its size and the prerequisite of having to learn music notes. If there is a piano or keyboard at home and you have empty hands due to the quarantine, it is the best time to put that humongous piece to good use and fill the air with bright, harmonious, mellow tones.


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Kalimba is an African thumb piano with metal keys set on a piece of hollow wood. It is very easy to learn, and the tabs are quite simple. With a size no bigger than a tablet, it is great to carry around for practice anywhere. There are plenty of Youtube videos with Kalimba tabs you can play along to.

Drown the boredom away while playin with these musical instruments!

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