Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder is the latest icon to take on the #AllInChallenge, offering a special birthday package to a lucky winner in a video announcement Thursday, April 30.

The grunge icon posted an 11-minute video on the band's YouTube channel, where he detailed the once in a lifetime experience that awaits the winner for his "All In Challenge." Vedder was nominated in the latest fundraising effort by actress Laura Dern.

Eddie Vedder went down on his "all in" offer - the winner plus a guest will kick the day off with a soundcheck session with Pearl Jam itself and work with the band on the setlist they'll perform later in the day. The offer will let the lucky fan put in some ideas or song choices for the final setlist. The winner then gets a chance to be in the middle of a with Pearl Jam performance, or as Vedder said, "for at least one song, I'd like to have you on stage where I stand in the middle, or six feet away."

In his "All In Challenge" video, Eddie further explains that the winner gets to enjoy the first half of the exclusive performance from a good seat. It comes with Vedder's assurance that "there's a couple of beers out there" with a reminder not to "get too hammered." By the show's second half, the winner gets to go up on the side of the stage with their crew to "feel a different energy up there." The winner can also watch the crowd from there.

The 55-year-old musician then added that as long as the winner is up stage-side with the crew, he figured that "maybe you could bring out a guitar for me, we could put you to work a little bit." He added that he would be giving the winner "a few hits off my wine," before suggesting to get the winner his "own bottle" instead.

As Eddie seems to think of additional offers to make the package more memorable, he added that he plans to get the whole crowd sing "Happy Birthday" to the winner, regardless of whether it's their birthday or not. "They won't know, they won't know that. They're not gonna check your ID," Vedder quipped as he laughed while describing himself telling the people it's the winner's birthday, with the crowd, of course, believing the one and only Ed Vedder.

On top of it all, the "Birthday" celebration would be complete with cakes and candles, with Vedder adding that they will "shove the cake into your face." Lastly, the winner gets to take home a signed Telecaster guitar as a "birthday" gift.

To keep the ball rolling, Eddie Vedder nominated Theo Epstein, current President of the Chicago Cubs, and Pete Nelson, the "Treehouse Master."

Eddie Vedder's recent offer is the latest addition to the All In Challenge, a fan-focused fundraising initiative where celebrities can offer anything - from exclusive experiences to rare memorabilia - to be auctioned or raffled off to a lucky winner. All proceeds from the fundraiser will be directed to non-profit organizations providing food to the people affected by the coronavirus pandemic in the US.

Watch the fun and amazing offer below: