Willow Smith felt the pressure as a child of two of the most successful Hollywood icons.

Prior to the release of her album "lately I feel EVERYTHING," Willow reflected on the hardships she went through to establish her own empire. She is one of the kids Jada Pinkett and Will Smith share.

In her recent interview with Apple Music 1's Zane Lowe, the 20-year-old singer detailed how she made herself into the person she is now.

"I always just wanted to do right by my parents, and do right by the beauty that they have put in the world, and continue to uplift that beauty and to uphold that beauty," she told Lowe.

Willow also noted that the pressure she felt was because she was no longer a minor. Still, she reportedly began to find the freedom to maintain that beauty and energy since she knows there's still more to come.

Willow Smith Reflects On Her Previous Projects

Aside from her new album, Willow also talked about the process of releasing "THE ANXIETY, WILLOW" and "The 1st."

According to the young musician, she faced doubts about her career and musical path in the past years. After doing what she wanted, she reportedly found a "beautiful spot" in her career. But while she continues to process everything Willow still feels down most of the time.

"I'm in a place of disbelief right now. For so much of my musical career, I was just overthinking everything, and being so just stressed about things that really I didn't need to stress about," she explained.

In addition, the singer revealed that she had been aiming to create such an album since she was 12.

Her confession came after she opened up about a devastating experience while she was on tour with her mother, Jada Pinkett Smith.

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In an interview for the cover of L'Officiel's July 2021 issue, Willow recalled the "intense time" her mother faced in the early 2000s. She detailed that Jada faced extreme racism and sexism before receiving alarming death threats.

Although she felt happy to have her first musical experience with her mother, Willow described those years as a time with so much physical danger. Indeed, she suffered from such trauma even after releasing her debut single "Whip My Hair" when she was 10 years old.

The events brought insecurities in her life, but Willow Smith remained strong and helped herself not to be afraid of people's judgments.

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