Slipknot released a heartfelt video and statement for their late founding member, Joey Jordison.

The members of the heavy metal band Slipknot started to let go of Jordison following his death by dedicating a heartwarming video for him.

Across the band's social media account, they remembered the late member and honored his legacy by uploading an 8-minute video about Jordison.

On its Instagram account, Slipknot penned a brief message to bid goodbye to the notable drummer.

"Joey Jordison's art, talent, and spirit could not be contained or be held back. Joey's impact on Slipknot, on our lives, and on the music that he loved, is incalculable. Without him there would be no us. We mourn his loss with the entire Slipknot family. We love you, Joey," they said.

The band shared the same message of its official Twitter and Facebook accounts, joining their fans in remembering him and mourning over his sudden passing.


The clip features several videos of Jordison playing his instrument, showing all the head-banging and drum-hitting he made throughout his career.

All the surviving members of the band - singer Corey Taylor, guitarist Jim Root, DJ Sid Wilson, percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan, bassist Alessandro "V-Man" Venturella, and drummer Jay Weinberg - changed their social media icons and avatars into a black circle.

They individually shared an all-black square with no caption to express their heartbreak.

Jordison's Journey With Slipknot

Years before his death, Jordison graced the band as its drummer from 1995 to 2013. Throughout his stint, he became well-known as the band's number 1.

He appeared in all Slipknot's albums except for the band's most recent albums ".5: The Gray Chapter" and "We Are Not Your Kind."

Earlier reports said that he left the band without a reason in 2013. However, the latest interviews revealed that he was fired from the group instead.

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Jordison, even after he was no longer part of the group, said at the 2016 Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards that they accomplished a lot of things in life.

Before his death, he was diagnosed with a neurological condition that affected his ability to work and play drums. The disease, called transverse myelitis, is an inflammation of the spinal cord caused by different infections.

The medical examiner is yet to release his cause of death. But his family revealed that he died peacefully in his sleep and that no drugs were involved.

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