In the previous days, we witnessed a great reflection of the Iranian action to revive Persian rap in Turkey, which happened under the leadership of Hossein Nour and his fans.  In this event, everyone came together to solve the problems of Persian rap and to be able to enjoy listening to their favorite genre of music without any fear or worry.

The main purpose of these demonstrations was the release of the famous singer Amir Tataloo, and in addition to these measures, they seek the freedom of underground rap music in Iran and that the government recognizes this genre of music and rappers can return to their country and not run away.

The goals that existed in the community are many and showed the unity of Persian rap to all the people of the world, and this has been the most important thing. Hossein Nour talked a lot about the progress and promotion of rap at this gathering, and his fans listened to all this.

Numerous videos of this event have gone viral in cyberspace, and these cases caused them to reach a large part of their goals in less than a few hours. Rap music has countless fans in Iran and many artists in Iran work in this genre.

This has enabled them, with countless alliances, to achieve the various aspirations for the success of their favorite genre.  Underground rap music in Iran is an illegal music because it is linked to the government, and this has caused this genre of music to be under more and more pressure in Iran, but these problems have caused artists of this style to have a lot of fans.