Mb Longmoney's Song "Humble" Is Creating a Stir in the Rap Industry

How Mb Longmoney Launched His First Rap Single "Humble"

Rap is one of the biggest music genres in the world. In 2020, nearly one-third of streamed music was dominated by R&B and hip hop. This trend then extended to video views as well. Mb Longmoney is an upcoming rapper from Chicago, and he has recently released his debut single.

Mb Longmoney's debut single is called "Humble." The track starts out with a beautiful piano solo before breaking into strong and compelling rap lyrics. It's a heartfelt track that demonstrates how successful his career will be in the future. The song was released in February 2021, and it was a hit on both the United States and global music charts, landing spots as high as #8. "I love the track, and I'm so excited that people are listening to it," says Mb Longmoney. "This is the first track for my solo projects, and I can't wait to release more music for everyone."

The rapper was formally one-third of a Chicago rap group that hit the scene in 2013. After releasing a few local singles, they all decided to make music independently according to their own approaches. Mb Longmoney decided to continue in the rap genre while still innovating with his sound. "It was scary to break away from my group," he says. "But I knew I still had music to make. It didn't let it defeat me." He has already performed across Chicago, and this includes a local cancer benefit starring Katie Got Bandz. Mb Longmoney has also continued his political activism by performing at a Juneteenth show. "I love performing, and if my music can do something good for the world, I'm more than happy to do it."

Mb Longmoney's single "Humble" is only the beginning of his illustrious rap music career. He plans to release even bigger single mixtapes and albums in 2021, and he can't wait to share them with the world.