A scientist is a person who is proficient in one of the branches of knowledge and uses the scientific method to do research.

On the other hand, the inventor is someone who creates something new or finds a new way to use old methods.

From the past to present, many scientists, discoverers, and inventors have caused many changes and transformations in human life. But they mostly have specialized to research in just one field. Therefore, today there are few people who have explored successfully in various fields and their Prosperity has arrived.

Dr. Mohammad Zeinali, a talented young Iranian inventor, author and artist, is one of those persons. He was born in august 1984 on the holy city of Qom.

He was very interested in studying and discovering the world around him since he was a child.

Likewise, he dominated it with great effort and perseverance. From the age of seven, he started working in an audio and video equipment repair shop due to overcome the difficulties in his life.

At first, this seemed unpleasant, but it was a spark for him and his achievements today. Despite his young age, he was able to make the problems of his life a challenge for himself and use them to create a flight platform to reach the top of mountains.

He gradually became interested in the field of electronics and then put all his energy and income in this way. Then he got to the point that sometimes he even missed his sleep and food and used this time opportunity for innovation and design. His inventions began to flourish in 1996. And he invented the human eye-lens simulator with the least facility, which, although he did not register it, but it caused him to gain complete faith in his power.

He went through difficult years and at that time he even had to sell some of his designs and inventions. But he never gave up and continued his path with love, interest and his perseverance. And he was finally able to fulfill his heart's desire.

Since 2013 he has registered 5 other projects that have been able to win the World Gold Medal of Inventions for three consecutive times and make his country proud.

Some of his inventions include the Phoenix television transmitter (IPTV), the Hunter drug detector, the Phobes glass converter, the electronic bracelet to control criminals and prisoners, the design and construction of a radio telescope, and the writing of a radio telescope training book Along with its construction and design and ext.

He has also been the COB of Emdad Gostar Moj Company since 2005 and has won many honors in this field.

From invention and entrepreneurship to teaching in various fields, this young genius inventor has had a unique brilliance in all fields, and this genius does not only lead to the field of science. Dr. Mohammad Zeinali's pleasant and euphonic voice and high musical understanding helped him to be noticed by everyone in the field of music and art, specially two of his works named «bigharar va bi to» and «ta to hasti» that have been widely welcomed in social media.

The life of this educated and noble man is appreciated as a model of effort, perseverance, and intelligence for all over the world, and he is the one who proves that if a person does something with all his being, he will definitely achieve his goal and there are no limits for anyone who has an exact plan on following something.