Someone has rightly said, "Life is one grand, sweet song so start the music". Entrepreneur Ricky Cucalon truly believes in these words. In the past few years, Ricky has inspired many young people to follow their dreams. His rags to riches story make people believe that they too can attain their goals. Now, the entrepreneur is all set to strike a chord with people with his music.

Ricky Cucalon always had great passion for art, especially music. From childhood, he would listen to songs of different genres. Ricky didn't have a perfect childhood. But music always cheered him up and gave him hope that life would be better one day. From washing people's cars to now earning in millions, Ricky has indeed changed his life for the best.

The singer wants to release the covers of some popular artists and the songs he covered during the lockdown. He also spent time writing and composing his own music. Ricky Cucalon is waiting for the right time to release it one by one on his YouTube channel and various online music sites. He is quite excited and nervous about his plunge into the vast world of music.

When asked what encouraged him to take the first step in the musical world, Ricky says, "What encouraged me to transit into the music world is music itself. I have spent my college days playing guitars and singing a lot of songs with my pals. I had taken a break to achieve my goals and give myself a life I always wanted to. I wanted to eliminate struggles out of my life. During these times, music kept me focused, helped me, and made me smile during tough days. So yes, it is my love for music that has encouraged me to venture in the industry."

When asked about some of his favourite artists and bands, Ricky reveals, "I am a big fan of The Rolling Stones, Linkin Park, and Queen. I've grown up listening to their amazing work and they inspire me to follow my dreams."