His unique and distinct hip hop style has won him a steady base of audience, whose numbers are increasing by the day.

The music realm has been consistently producing music talents who have enchanted all to a great extent. With time, various artists have contributed in their own way and taken the music industry on a global level with the audiences loving every bit of what they have been offering. The steady flow of talented music artists that have been entering the music realm has immensely helped in the growth of the industry as these few talented ones have used their creativity to the optimum levels, ensuring fans the best they deserve. Amongst the many such artists who have enthralled all, establishing themselves and acing in this cut-throat competitive music industry is KSNS also known as Kitster, creating his own distinct identity by providing music in a more subtle tone as compared to the commercial touch that many artists belonging to this generation imbibe in their work.

This powerhouse of talent hails from Orlando, and has taken over all as a fine artist specializing in the rap and hip hop genre. He's proved his capability to pull in the crowds owing to his music which stands out from the rest. He reminds us so much of Eminem, as his tonal quality seems very similar to the star, says one of his listeners. What makes him stand out from the usual breed of present day music artists is his unique voice which is powered by excellent wordplay and meaningful lyrics, making it look well ahead of its time. His singles have found a steady base of appreciators who have been following him since he made his debut, and whose numbers are growing by the day. KSNS' new project is scheduled to release in October which is his 5th studio album which will be including features with Young Thugs YSL signee Lil Gotit and many more artists. The director of his latest has given the popular video Dior for rapper Pop Smoke who unfortunately is no more.

KSNS is undoubtedly racing ahead speedily and is predicted to be the next music star looking at his popularity which seems to be spreading like wildfire.

Check out his music video on WSHH www.worldstarhiphop.com/featured/166266.

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